„Apoptose“ is the first record of saxophone player Akosh Szelevényi and drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq as a duo. The two musicians have collaborated before (Akosh Szelevényi Sextet). Only a year has passed from the idea of forming a duo to the release of the CD and the spontaneous energy combined with the long experience of playing together is detectable on the record.


Klonk Confusa

Compared to their young age Klonk have already played together for a long time, 8 years to be exact. Based in Berlin and Cologne the four musicians have always had a long distance relationship. But this distance seems to be no obstacle to creating their very intense music. “confusa” is Klonk's first album, the excellent quality of the record being the result of winning the price competition “Jugend jazzt” in 2011 and consequently being able to record at the studios of Deutschlandfunk in Cologne.

10. October 2014


Shotgun Chamber Trio Themes and dances

Shotgun Chamber Trio is a genuine product of the young Berlin Jazz Scene.They've played their very distinct mixture of free jazz, folk tunes, and blues at numerous clubs and venues throughout the city for the last 3 years. The trio recorded and self-published a previous album in 2013 entitled “filmende” which gave them such a creative rush that they immediately recorded a 2nd album, “themes and dances”.

26. September 2014


Black Milk Impulses Manifesto

The music of Black Milk Impulses is at the same time challenging and fun to listen to. These three musicians, from very different parts of the world (Italy, Australia, Germany) but all based in Berlin, have this quality of combining great technical skill with an effortless questioning of the musical tradition , that is very appealing, e.g. by introducing elements of electronic music into traditional structures.

24. October 2014


latest releases


15th anniversary!

Now, in celebration of the 15th anniversary of our label meta records we launch our new website and release 4 new records: French saxophone legend Akosh S. in a duet with up-and-coming drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq, the international Berlin-based "Shotgun Chamber Trio", the young shooting stars of band "Klonk" and the experimental trio "Black Milk Impulses" – all these albums are released in September and October 2014 on meta records.