Das Kaff
Abstract Elastic Being


On their new album “Abstract Elastic Being”, the jazz trio Das Kaff combines a strong melodic progression with many free improvisations and surprising rhythmical changes in a wildly diverse mixture of original compositions and arrangements––where else do you find Mozart, Irving Berlin and Jimi Hendrix side by side? The trio makes the foreign musical material completely their own by re-combining and varying it in a very coherent manner, thereby creating a unique and mature sound. This is already the third album of the multinational trio that was formed almost 8 years ago and is based in the Normandy, France. The first two albums appeared on the Petit Label.

Saxophonist Ralf Altrieth brings the whole range of his musical talents to this album, playing tenor and soprano saxophone as well as the flute and on one track employing his voice in recitation. He is joined by Nicolas Talbot on bass whose rhythmical adventures and flawless bowing technique both create a solid musical basis and at the same time a strong creative impulse for the trio. On drums Mike Surguy, a Hard Rocker at heart, is capable of a great sensitivity as well as of strong rhythmical interventions. On two tracks the trio is joined by the artistic director and gifted guitarist Hasse Poulsen. The maturity of the musical ideas of Das Kaff forges a coherent whole on “Abstract Elastic Being” whose musical shape might well be that of jazz to come.

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