Susanna Dill / Gilbert Paeffgen
13 Épisodes Lumineux et Enjoués


This record takes us onto a journey. The unusual combination of accordion and hammered dulcimer sounds playful and full of longing at the same time and reminiscent of Yann Tiersen's music. With the record "13 Épisodes Lumineux et Enjoués" the duo Susanna Dill (accordion) and Gilbert Paeffgen (dulcimer) releases their second album (in 2010 they released "Legends d'Hiver", Stridea).

Cheerful and full of light – this the charaterization of the 13 musical episodes according to the title of the album. On can find original compositions but also arrangements of pieces by composers like Eric Satie and Luciano Berio. Gilbert Paeffgen creates a sound on his dulcimer that sounds at times almost electronical. Susanna Dill contrasts this with lyrical lines.

Then again the roles change and Dill elicits daring rhythmical patterns from her accordion. Paeffgen answers with beautiful legatolines which make us understand why this instrument is called dulcimer: lovely song or sound.

On "13 Épisodes Lumineux et Enjoués" these two musicians tell us little musical stories of foreign lands and people which one wants to listen to over and over again.

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