Elise Dabrowski & Sébastien Béranger


The seven pieces on this album are the result of a composition for four hands of two artists. This excellent mixture of different music genres creates a rapprochement between instrumental gesture, vocal virtuosity and an immense palette of electro-acoustic techniques.

The double-bass player and lyric singer Elise Dabrowski expresses her talents in different musical universes. From opera to jazz, from contemporary creation to the most untamed improvisation, Elise imposes her singularity on European stages. For a short while she abandons performing as a soloist and entrusts her voice and her double-bass to the electronic abilities of Sébastien Béranger, a versatile composer who continually extends his musical approaches.

This « Trio à deux » develops a dreamworld of sound between the squealing and screeching of the strings and the masterly performance of voice, the virtuosity of the electronics and warm layers of sound. Elise Dabrowski and Sébastien Béranger present a journey of sound through the winding paths of their manyfold inspirations.

The titles of this album – phalancrocorax, leucocarbo and microcarbo – refer to different species of cormorants ; an playful allusion to the cover picture of photographer Jeff Humbert which was taken during one of his many trips to Africa.

« The way we create our music resembles a great journey : a journey of ideas, a succession of sound landscapes, reliefs, spaces, horizons,… fragments of perceived but forgotten voices. In order to be able to embark with us on our journeys, the listeners should mount the photo pontoon to discover the different species of phalacrocorax, piece by piece. »


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