Johannes Reichert / Holger Stamm


„Melencolia“ has become an affair of the heart for counter tenor Johannes Reichert and rock guitarist Holger Stamm. Both very experienced musicians wanted to create a project together that crossed all borders. A few songs of the Renaissance composer John Dowland served as a starting point, songs of Paul McCartney/John Lennon, King Crimson as well as instrumental arrangements of Stevie Wonder songs and own compositions followed.

By and by a central theme formed, both tonally as well as thematically. This selection of songs could be called an encounter of pop music of different centuries because the songs fulfilled similar roles in their time. All the more, because they worship melancholy, this archaic and mysterious state of the senses which already Albrecht Duerer was immensely preoccupied with.

This is how this tribute to melancholy like no second one came into being: arranged by Holger Stamm who also played all guitars and e-bows, sung by Johannes Reichert and embellished with a few spoken texts out of the 16th century book “The Anatomy of Melancholy”, this recording puts the listener into a comfortable flow state.

Johannes Reichert

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