simon spiess trio
after all


The third album by the Swiss saxophonist Simon Spiess and his trio is undoubtedly beautiful. Very beautiful, in fact, but not quite in the usual sense.

Whoever puts on "After All" in order to relax, or as background music for polite conversation, will know better after the first few bars, because the music by Spiess and his colleagues Marco Nenniger and Daniel Mudrak rivets the ears. It demands attention and attentive listening.

Even the trio's original line-up (only added to in the opener with guest guitarist Gabriel Beuerle and on two further tracks with singer Julia Pellegrini) makes you sit up and take notice: a trio without a harmony instrument? It's the sound of the saxophone which lets the pieces come together; drums and bass are companions here, playing around with creativity and genre boundaries.

Self-confidently, the 26-year-old Spiess doesn't just place himself in the first row musically, stating: “After All is for the past and for experience. Simultaneously, it is the outcome of what was taken from those experiences, how life evolves and for the future."

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