Fragments of Life



Can music be without space, or sound without time?

In search for the pure sound for their music, Amir Nasr (guitar) and Joël Mozes van de Pol (sax) set out on a journey with a rich inventory of scenic and musical associations in their bags.

The duo takes listeners to a distant, melancholic dream world, diving deep into foreign cultures and telling tales of their past journeys to unknown lands. Their music is like the "Discovery of Slowness" through the ears. The sounds melt like Baklava on the tongue, sometimes sticking in the ear like sweet syrup and beguiling the senses through musical essences from Thousand and One Night – seasoned with ingredients from jazz and classical music.

Using these classical genres, Nasr and van de Pol at the same time leave them far behind to create a magical sound fluctuating between dream and reality, entirely devoted to an almost cinematic sensuality and poetry.

"The music of ‘Fragments of Life’ is like a gripping movie with scenes lightly remaining static for half a minute. It carries you off to a bitter-sweet and thoughtful view of the world." – Arnhemse Muziek Platform

Amir Nasr grew up in Iran and studied composition and guitar in Tehran, Moscow and the Netherlands.

Joël Mozes van de Pol, son of an Indonesian/Dutch photographer and a German artist mother, studied saxophone and transverse flute in the Netherlands.

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