Marianne's Bag
Hard to catch


Women and their handbags! For all her almost elfish lightness, the things Marianne Keel lets us find in Marianne’s Bag are amazingly real.

With her warm, versatile voice she tells about loneliness and love, about dreams and about the mysteries of this world in a music that lets the clash of magic with reality instantly dissolve into lighthearted sound patterns.

For Keel’s compositional subtleties and easy phrasing her co-musicians unfold a playground of melodies, offering a musical landscape finely balanced between a homogenous ensemble sound and individual accents of the band members. Thus Niculin Christen's imaginative keyboard playing subtly intertwines with Kaspar von Grünigen’s rich bass lines and Tino Siegrist’s sensitive percussion.

The band’s sound patterns are complemented by a string quartet which effortlessly fits into the musical structure thanks to Marianne Keel’s light, but always profound, compositions.

Elegantly playing around it, the strings ground the voice and instantly retreat to give it room to unfold. With rhythmic elegance and smooth refinement, underpinned with enchanting and explosive moments, Marianne unfolds the mysteries of her bag.

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