Akosh S. & Sylvain Darrifourcq


„Apoptose“ is the first record of saxophone player Akosh Szelevényi and drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq as a duo. The two musicians have collaborated before (Akosh Szelevényi Sextet).

Only a year has passed from the idea of forming a duo to the release of the CD and the spontaneous energy combined with the long experience of playing together is detectable on the record. 

The music was recorded during 3 live performances of Akosh S. and Sylvain Darrifourcq in March, 2014. The 7 tracks of the CD were edited together from recordings made at all those concerts.

Regarding the title „Apoptose“ Sylvain Darrifourcq states that while the title means „cell death“ this death of cells is a process that is actually necessary and therefore good for the body. The music on the album is dark and deep but at the same time it is energetic and full of life.

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